800mg Pumpkin Dog Treats

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These CBD Dog Treats are designed to give your dog a potent dose of CBD and nourish your dogs body and gut with the highest quality ingredients.  The ingredients are: Organic Coconut Flour, Cage-Free Eggs, Organic Bacon, Organic Pumpkin, Hemp-Derived CBD. 

When we looked into formulating a dog treat we wanted to only include ingredients that are actually healthy for dogs. Many dog treats sneak in sugar, gluten, grains, and other harmful compounds to dogs! It is really a bummer. I wanted a treat that I could even eat! This treat is gluten-free, soy-free, grain-free, paleo and contains a proper dose of CBD.

Each treat has 40mg of CBD. You can break it up and we like to do the following dosages for our dogs.  10-25lbs 1/2 Treat (20mg)  26-50lbs 1 Treat (40mg)  50-100lbs 2 Treats (80mg)

We promise your dog will love these treats. If they do not enjoy them just email or dm us and we can refund your order. We decided to use ingredients like Organic Pumpkin and Bacon because dogs thrive off of Pumpkin and healthy fats! We base all of our products around research. Looking at this study here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6065210/ Titled: "Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and Clinical Efficacy of Cannabidiol Treatment in Osteoarthritic Dogs" We see a great conclusion from the study that leads us to believe CBD can be an extremely useful tool for our furry friends. "Clinically, canine brief pain inventory and Hudson activity scores showed a significant decrease in pain and increase in activity with CBD oil. Veterinary assessment showed decreased pain during CBD treatment."   There are tons of pet owners that use CBD and if you're reading this you probably have seen or heard what it can do for your dogs! It is important to get a high dosage. Enjoy.

31 Reviews

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    Good treats

    Posted by Matylda on Dec 28th 2020

    My dog has been kind of sad after her best friend passed, so I bought these to help her with the loss, and they work great, she has been much more active and friendly would definitely buy again.

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    Apparently they have my pups...

    Posted by Ollie Mcmillan on Dec 11th 2020

    Apparently they have my pups approval since the only thing he wants are these treats and nothing else, I have notices it has improved his social ability and wants more attention lately, they are also made with quality and healthy ingredients so that's a plus.

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    A person at the dog park...

    Posted by Jamal Donovan on Dec 6th 2020

    A person at the dog park recommended these treats since I had told her about how my dog unfortunately has a minor injury. She told me how great these were so I decided to buy some for my dog and he has been loving them, she is now feeling better and doesn't seem to be in pain. Great product and quality.

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    The improvement in activity...

    Posted by Brad Watson on Nov 25th 2020

    The improvement in activity for my old dog is crazy, I'm glad a friend suggested I look into these because wow! My dog has been much much happier and more social before that he would just lay there and look sad even though we tried to play with him. The ingredients are also healthy for his diet, would recommend forsure!

  • 5
    Amazing treats for my two dogs...

    Posted by Lara Ramirez on Nov 19th 2020

    Amazing treats for my two dogs, they absolutely love them. What made me choose these was how healthy they were for my dogs, they use quality ingredients and are well packaged. I have already reordered because my dogs love them so much.

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    My dog is unfortunately really old...

    Posted by Bernard McDaniel on Nov 10th 2020

    My dog is unfortunately really old and isn’t as active as before and seems sad, a friend suggested CBD dog treats and thought he was crazy since I had never heard of them before but to my surprise I found these and my dog loves them, he is much happier and a little more active and social, great product well worth it.

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    These are the perfect little treats...

    Posted by hunter richardson on Aug 6th 2020

    These are the perfect little treats for dogs! My pup has been so much more happy when I first started giving these treats to her. The ingredients are really fit for treatment.

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    My dog buddy absolutely adores...

    Posted by Briyanna Johnson on Aug 6th 2020

    My dog buddy absolutely adores these treats. These fit really well for her diet, and I have seen so much improvement when she started taking them. Excellent!!

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    My Rottie loves these.

    Posted by Ginger on Aug 2nd 2020

    My Rottie loves these. I love these for her. My girl is 8 and the vet says she acts like she's 2. She has 2 back legs full of metal from blowing out 2 cruciate ligaments. A lot of love, good diet and these treats is the best one can do for their pup. THANK you.