5 Reasons Athletes use CBD

5 Reasons Athletes use CBD

Sep 27th 2021

Most athletes are looking for a way to improve their performance. Some turn to supplements, others change up their diet, but what about CBD? If you're not familiar with it, CBD is short for cannabidiol and is one of the most common natural remedies today. Read on to learn five reasons that this supplement is so popular with athletes!

Athletes are using CBD after training as part of their recovery process!

Many athletes deal with inflammation and pain after intense training. The rigors of sports and weight lifting leaves athletes sore and they often have nagging injuries.

Have you ever had an injury? You may not want to take over-the-counter medications due to their potential side effects.

Studies show that CBD might have an anti-inflammatory effect on muscles, which means it potentially could help ease soreness and increase range of motion. Athletes who suffer injuries typically want to get back into the game as soon as possible so they're able to perform at their best!

Athletes want to optimize their sleep for recovery!

Sleep is crucial for athletes. If you or your loved one are an athlete, you may be sleeping less than the recommended eight hours per night. This sleep deprivation can affect performance because it's making it hard to focus and perform as well as we would like. Athletes around the world are taking CBD at night time to optimize their sleep.

Studies have also suggested that CBD can help regulate our sleep-wake cycle and lead to more deep sleep.

CBD for pre-game nerves and stress!

Anxiety is common in many people and can affect performance by making them tense or anxious about what might go wrong. Many athletes take CBD before games to deal with the stress of performing at the highest level. This makes it a great tool for athletes who are prone to having a lot of stressful thoughts!

CBD may have antioxidant properties!

Some athletes may not realize that they are taking on a lot of free radicals through their intense training. This can lead to oxidative stress. CBD may have antioxidant properties. While more research needs to be done we do know that antioxidants help neutralize free radicals so your body is at less risk for injury due to the destructive molecules.

CBD may help to improve mood by increasing serotonin levels in the brain

As athletes, it is important to not only keep your body in peak physical shape but also maintain a high level of mental fitness. Studies have suggested that CBD may help improve moods. Negative emotions, stress and anxiety can dramatically affect an athlete's confidence and performance.

By influencing brain receptors, CBD offers the potential to improve your mood and cognitive abilities when responding to stress.

Final Thoughts

Athletes know what is best for their body. Top athletes from around the world have been teaming up with CBD companies and sometimes even starting their own brands. This is not just a random supplement that they have chosen. Top athletes have turned to CBD because they love how it makes them feel and the lack of side effects it has.

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