How CBD in Your Coffee Can Help You Start  Your Day Off Right

How CBD in Your Coffee Can Help You Start Your Day Off Right

Aug 13th 2021

A little java can wake you up in the morning. Maybe a lot of java can make your day! However if you struggle with higher cortisol levels coffee can sometimes just make you more jittery. If you really want to optimize your morning cup of coffee you should try adding CBD to your next morning cup!

So what can you expect from using CBD oil with your morning cup of coffee? What's the experience like, and what are some good options for getting started?

What is CBD oil and where does it come from

CBD oil comes from hemp, but don't worry. Unlike its infamous cousin THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD is completely legal in most states and doesn't get you high since it doesn't contain enough of the mind-altering compound THC to do so.

To properly absorb CBD it is best taken with fat. That is why using CBD MCT Oil or a Potent CBD Tincture in your morning coffee is a good way to get the most bioavailable form.

How to use CBD with your morning coffee

Most of us love starting our day with a quick cup of joe, but adding in CBD oil can make for the best of both worlds. Using it in my morning coffee allows one to enjoy the benefits of coffee without getting jittery and anxious from caffeine. Plus, CBD has been suspected of providing relief for pain, anxiety and more-all without the side effects associated with traditional remedies.

To do this, we simply add 100-200mg of CBD oil to a cup of coffee. I just use Santa Cruz Medicinals CBD MCT Oil or their CBD French Vanilla Tincture and add the dose I want to my finished cup of coffee. I use a frother or blender to mix it in and it creates a delicious head of foam! Tasty!

Some other ways you can enjoy the benefits of CBD in the morning

Not a coffee drinker? There are some other other ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD with your morning routine. One is to add it to tea (did you know your body absorbs some of the compounds in the CBD when you drink it this way?) or mix it up with a little bit of milk / almond milk. Or, try adding it to any food that tastes great (paleo pancakes?). What about adding a few drops to your favorite Keto ice cream? We're adults now! Dessert for breakfast. The possibilities are endless, so find out what works for you!

Why you should try adding a little CBD to your routine

When I add CBD to my morning coffee I feel like I get the alertness of the caffeine without the jittery feeling. This gives me a calm, cool, creative energy in the morning. I also struggle with some shoulder and neck pain and CBD is one of the supplements in my routine that I use to fight back against my pain!

Santa Cruz Medicinals is one of the most potent CBD providers in the US. They offer a variety of products including tinctures, capsules, topicals and more!

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