1000mg Chocolate Beef Isolate Protein

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The most gut-friendly, skin nourishing, muscle nourishing protein is HERE! 


We worked long and hard on this formula. We researched protein powders for a while and the form we like the most is Beef Isolate Protein. 

We use grass-fed grass-finished Beef Isolate Protein which is one of the most bio-available gut-friendly sources of protein on earth. Filled with bio-active peptides and collagen yet with a more robust amino acid profile than collagan protein. 
What frustrated us with whey protein is how many people do not react well to it. Leaving them with gut distress and skin issues. Our protein powders are built to nourish your gut, skin, and muscles and grass-fed beef isolate protein does an amazing job at helping us build muscle while building better gut and skin health. 


Our Chocolate Beef Isolate Protein is completely sugar free and provides you with 20g of delicious protein per serving. This is a large 1.1lb bag of protein. 

It mixes in very easily and has a delicious chocolate taste. It does not taste like beef. 


Ingredients: Grass-Fed Grass-Finished Beef Isolate Protein, Cacao Powder, Natural Flavors, Himalayan Pink Salt, Hemp-Derived CBD, Stevia Leaf Extract.  


We use the highest quality ingredients. 

This product is: Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, and Gut-Friendly.


When I use our Beef Protein I notice better skin health and improved muscle recovery. 


My favorite way to consume this is to mix it with some almond milk or goat milk kefir and enjoy! I like adding our MCT Oil to this protein shake or a banana if I am doing a carb day! 



This product does NOT contain THC. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. Always consult with your doctor before adding a new supplement. 


20 Reviews

  • 5
    Best clean protein I've been able to find!

    Posted by Jess Olson on Nov 13th 2023

    This protein is the best clean protein I've been able to find, with great ingredients from a brand I trust. I was so excited / surprised to learn it actually tastes good! I crave it when I wake up and can't wait for my protein shake before the gym. I will definitely be purchasing this in bulk so I don't run out!

  • 5
    Chocolate protein

    Posted by Bobby Casey on Oct 31st 2023

    Best protein I’ve ever tasted

  • 5

    Posted by Dagmaris Cepero on Jul 11th 2023

    The best protein I ever had

  • 5
    Chocolate beef iso protein powder

    Posted by Nik Olson on May 23rd 2023

    Shi fire fasho, but i ain’t gon hold you Brendan ts mad expensive

  • 5
    Chocolate Beef Isolate Protein

    Posted by Betty on May 10th 2023

    I love the taste of this clean beef-based protein formula. It's great for in my morning smoothies and keeps me feeling full. Great product! I highly recommend it.

  • 5
    Chocolate Protein Isolate

    Posted by Jen D on Sep 9th 2022

    Great product! Clean ingredients, mixes well & no chalky taste! Will purchase again!

  • 5
    Chocolate Protein

    Posted by Tien on Sep 2nd 2022

    I suffer from being lactose. I’ve tried so many protein powders out there and wasn’t able to digest any of them without any stomach issues. This is the first one I could consume without a problem!! I finally found a protein powder I can actually drink. I’m not a fan of the natural flavors otherwise, it’s a great product overall. I would highly recommend for anybody that’s lactose intolerant like myself. Cheers!

  • 5
    Solid protein

    Posted by Hunter on Aug 24th 2022

    Doesn’t upset your stomach taste like most chocolate protein powders you’ve ever had.

  • 5
    Chocolate protein powder

    Posted by Andrea Bratsch on Aug 22nd 2022

    Tastes very good, mixes well. But an fyi one scoop is not the 29 grams per weighing it on a food scale it’s a little over 2 scoops. Mis leading info.