15,000mg French Vanilla Tincture

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This product contains 0% THC. It is non-psychoactive.

Our 15,000mg CBD infused French Vanilla Tincture is a broad spectrum activated CBD Oil. We use three simple ingredients for this fast-acting tincture.

Ingredients: Organic Hemp Oil, French Vanilla Flavor, and 15,000mg of CBD.

This is an ultra-potent formula. It has 250mg of broad-spectrum CBD per dropper. The flavoring we use is actual plant derived flavoring. No sugar. No glycerin. Completely Keto! We are super proud of using actual natural flavoring as many companies use “flavoring” that is not good for you! We are limited on what flavors we can do but that is fine with us.


How I use this tincture is when I want a Potent Dose of CBD I use about 1 droppers (1ml) the dropper is measured and scored so you will easily be able to tell your dose. This gives me a 250mg dose of CBD which I enjoy. I just put the dose I want under my tongue and let it sit for 5 seconds. 


This product is Keto, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Lab-Tested, Potent, and Packaged in Glass. 


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23 Reviews

  • 5
    Love the benefits

    Posted by Michelle on Jan 27th 2023

    I have noticed a huge difference. I was doing 88.5mg per dropper with a little relief, to 250mg per dropper with amazing results. 500mg takes away all of my pain and helps my anxiety and nausea. Definitely recommend!

  • 5
    Amazing potion

    Posted by Tammy - Low Carb Fixated on Nov 11th 2022

    I’m a loyal customer. This little bottle cured my menopause hot flashes, eliminated anxiety….can’t live without it.

  • 5
    Miracle Liquid Drops

    Posted by Tammy on Jun 9th 2022

    I put a dropper full in my coffee every morning. Completely cured hot flashes and anxiety related to menopause.

  • 5
    Great taste and fast acting

    Posted by Annie Stanley on Jun 7th 2022

    I have tried many tinctures in the past but they always either taste bad and work or taste good but don't work but not this one. This one tastes great and acts fast, have never bought anything like it a true winner in my book highly recommend.

  • 5
    Higher dosage

    Posted by Leanne on Jan 9th 2022

    I had been taking CBD for awhile without many results. I had faith in what it could do and remember my dad, who was a pharmacist, before he passed saying there was credibility in it. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon SCM that I realized I just wasn’t taking enough. Everyone at the “health” food stores kept reporting these amazing results with like 5-10 mg. This is a quality product I can dose how I need without it being cost prohibitive.

  • 5
    Small but great little package

    Posted by Lewie Kent on Dec 28th 2021

    This tincture is my favorite, tastes great and the benefits are great, has a good amount of cbd and really like the competitive pricing.

  • 5
    Love this tincture flavor!

    Posted by Ralphie Trevino on Dec 22nd 2021

    Imo the best flavor out there, tastes great and the cbd gets you in the best mood! goes great with coffee too!

  • 5
    15,000 MG French vanilla tincture

    Posted by Alisa on Nov 18th 2021

    I cannot say enough good things about this tincture. The smooth flavor makes it easy to add to coffee or protein shakes or by itself. I got the high potency so I can take a smaller dose and to make it easier to to give to my kids. I've tried other brands and Santa Cruz is by far my fave. So much more effective.

  • 5
    Cure for menopause anxiety and hot flashes

    Posted by Tammy on Oct 1st 2021

    This product is AMAZING! At first I thought it was a bit expensive but you can’t put a price on a natural product that makes you feel better. I’m so glad that I found this company. I also use the deep sleep formula to help with insomnia. Quality CBD that really works!