1500mg Mango Tincture

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This product contains 0% THC. It is non-psychoactive.

Our 1500mg CBD infused Mango Tincture is a broad spectrum activated CBD Oil. We use three simple ingredients for this fast-acting tincture.  

Ingredients: Organic Hemp Oil, Mango Natural Flavor, and 1500mg of CBD. The flavoring we use is actual plant derived flavoring. No sugar. No glycerin. Completely Keto! We are super proud of using actual natural flavoring as many companies use “flavoring” that is not good for you! We are limited on what flavors we can do but that is fine with us

5 Reviews

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    Title of review 131177

    Posted by Lamar Torres on Dec 1st 2020

    I don't know why companies have trouble making a simple flavor of tinctures but they do. I have tried many of them and their flavoring and quality isn't up to par to scm. They have mastered it, it tastes so good and would back any product they make going forward its the quality and flavoring that does it for me.

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    Title of review 129947

    Posted by Marcus Anthony on Nov 27th 2020

    Since I am a huge fan of mango I decided to try it out and I was truly surprised at how good it was, I started using it more frequently since the effectiveness is also amazing, better than anything else on the market.

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    Title of review 128512

    Posted by Drew Quintana on Nov 20th 2020

    Got tired of ordering the same flavors I liked over and over so I decided to go out of my usual's and try something new. I am glad I did, I think this is my new favorite one now. The flavoring is great and it is strong, would recommend if you haven't tried it yet.

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    Title of review 125861

    Posted by Sean Pratt on Nov 10th 2020

    My girlfriend loves mangos gets everything mango flavored as much as possible, so I surprised her and bought her this and she freaked, she loves that thing more than me now, great product overall and fast acting.

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    Title of review 125446

    Posted by Mackenzie Sanford on Nov 7th 2020

    I have been experimenting with different flavor tinctures and this seems to be the best mango flavor out there. Have been using for a couple weeks, sine homework has been stressing me out lately and let me tell you it is strong, I would suggest to start at a low dosage and increase slowly. Would recommend to anyone who loves mango and tinctures.