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This 3000mg CBD Pet Tincture is designed to give your dog a potent dose of CBD and nourish your dogs body and gut with the highest quality ingredients.  


Update: We now use Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil as we have an extremely high quality source. 

We simply mix the highest quality CBD with hemp oil, Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil (non oxidized), and natural beef flavor derived from beef tallow. The result is a human grade tincture that your pet will LOVE. 


We went with this ingredient roster because we want to nourish your pet with endocannabinoids, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and cold-pressed hemp oil. This tincture contains 3000mg of total CBD.


Each dropper is 50mg of CBD 


How I use it! 

I have 3 dogs. I simply put this on their food in different dosages based on their weight. I put it on top of their dry food in the evenings and they LOVE it. 

Each 1ml dropper has 50mg of CBD. We do the following dosages for our dogs.  

10-25lbs 1/2 ml (25mg)  

26-50lbs 1 ml (50mg)  

50-100lbs 2 ML (100mg)


The tincture comes with a scored measured dropper so you can easily see the dose. 


This product is KETO, PALEO, GLUTEN-FREE. It is NOT VEGAN. We use extremeley high quality fish oil that we lab tested for oxidation levels. You do not want oxidized fish oil. This is non oxidized fish oil that we package into our dark amber glass tinctures. Dogs LOVE Omega-3s! 


Ingredients: Fish Oil, Unrefined Hemp Oil, Hemp Extract, Natural Beef Flavor, 3000mg of Broad Spectrum CBD. 





This product is not evaluated by the FDA and does not cure any illness. 

20 Reviews

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    These doggie drops are THE BEST!

    Posted by Miranda D on Jun 9th 2023

    I highly recommend these drops. I have an 11 year old pit Bull who is slowing down and has creaky legs but after 2 months of these drops he has more of a spring in his step! I haven’t seen him jump into a car in so long! I also use these for my other dog who has anxiety and I’ve noticed a big difference in her as well, being more calm and able relax.

  • 5
    A staple in this bulldog house

    Posted by DRA on Nov 9th 2022

    We cannot be without this CBD/omega 3 tincture. Our younger bulldog has a bad knee and our vet suggested adding some CBD along with tumeric to her diet. We tried a few before finding SCM, and it is BY FAR, the best option. She loves the taste and the difference in her mobility is obvious. So thankful for SCM!

  • 5
    My dog really liked it!

    Posted by Kien Beach on Jun 2nd 2022

    My senior dog has been struggling to get around lately and vet recommended cbd if I was willing to, got this dog tincture and it worked, dog loved it and was more active glad it was able to help a bit

  • 5
    Amazing product

    Posted by Clara on Mar 13th 2022

    I initially meant to use this on my oldest dog, but he recently passed away due to old age. My other dog has had anxiety and decided to include it in his morning breakfast. Not only does he seem more chill, but his fur has gotten so soft and he’s no longer itchy. I’ll be buying this regularly for him.

  • 5
    First dog tincture i have seen

    Posted by Aston Nicholls on Feb 16th 2022

    First dog tincture i have seen, and it is great, my dogs seem to really enjoy it and is really easy to give with the included dropper, been adding it directly to their food with no issues.

  • 5
    My doggos love it!

    Posted by Stella Bullock on Jan 23rd 2022

    My senior dogs love it, makes them more energetic, relives their aches and is healthy for them, they love cbd as much as I do now :)

  • 5
    Dogs love it!

    Posted by Payton Finney on Jan 7th 2022

    Dogs needed a little boost in their late stages and this helped them alot, much more happy and I love to see that! Like the clearly labeled tincture, reduces the chance for confusion.

  • 5
    My dogs really enjoyed it

    Posted by Francesca Bone on Dec 1st 2021

    My dogs are really old and wanted to help them out a bit and found this cbd omega-3 tincture for dogs and gave them a couple doses to test it and they seemed to like it and they look so much happier!

  • 5
    omega-3 for dogs

    Posted by Anabel Alston on Nov 25th 2021

    CBD and omega-3 was recommended by our vet and have seen great results in my dogs after them taking this for a couple weeks, they look much healthier and are much more active, highly recommend!