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  These are a little travel 4 pack of our Deep Sleep Capsules. Great for on-the-go use, a gift for a loved one, or for you to test these out to see if they work. Each pack comes with 4 Deep Sleep Capsules. I take 2 capsules about 45 mins before I want to go to bed.

We formulated this product using a potent dose of CBD, 200mg of L-Theanine, and 150mg of Valerian Root. The result is a formula that makes me sleepy, keeps me asleep, and leaves me refreshed in the morning. We do NOT use Melatonin in this product because Melatonin is a hormone and in my opinion should NOT be taken daily. CBD, Valerian, and L-Theanine are something I use every single evening.

This formula contains researched ingredients and are essential to my nightly routine. This formula is designed to make you sleepy. I do get the “eyes are heavy” feeling after taking this and it is not something you should take if you do not plan on sleeping within the next hour or so. Each little pack has 4 sleep caps inside. You can take 2 and see how you feel. I take them 45 mins before bedtime.

  Ingredients: CBD, L-Theanine, Valerian.  This ingredient roster is truly something we are proud of. We went through many different formulas and wanted a well rounded Deep Sleep Formula. We feel that most people need something they can take every evening so we carefully selected the ingredients.   Here is a little information on each ingredient.  

-L-Theanine:  L-Theanine promotes relaxation by increasing Alpha wave activity in your brain. Brain waves show how the different parts of your brain are communicating. Beta waves are associated with active consciousness. The first step in falling asleep is a shift in your brain from mostly beta to mostly alpha wave activity. L-Theanine can help your brain transition to this state and is a super safe yet potent ingredient.

-Valerian Root:  Valerian’s efficacy is thought to be a result of its effects on multiple neurotransmitters and hormones including gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), cortisol, serotonin, and adenosine. Many of the benefits of valerian root, particularly those for anxiety and stress, are thought to come from its ability to enhance the efficacy of GABA a neurotransmitter important for calming the body and relaxing the mind. Recent research suggests that two components of valerian root—valeranol and valerenic acid—are primarily responsible for these effects on GABA. They’re both capable of binding to GABA receptors, which increases the brain’s levels of GABA and thus its efficacy.  Furthermore, research on mice has found valerian root to reduce corticosterone levels, which is the equivalent of the human stress hormone cortisol in mice. Consequently, some of its relaxation potential can likely be attributed to a reduction of cortisol levels in humans. Valerian also has been shown to help maintain natural levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in modulating mood and sleep.  


-CBD: CBD is currently being researched for its benefits in many aspects of cognitive function and sleep. CBD by itself can allegedly serve as a sleep aid due to its anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties. There have been some amazing pubmed studies on CBD and sleep. When combining your dose of CBD with the powerful ingredients above, you are setting yourself up to have an amazing nights rest. 



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23 Reviews

  • 5
    Tester for the bottle

    Posted by Finn Pratt on Dec 2nd 2021

    Before I committed to buying the bottle I got this tester and loved the results, gets you some great sleep and you feel great waking up, just got payed this week and bought the big bottle!

  • 5
    Great little pack

    Posted by Juliet Franco on Nov 25th 2021

    Bought these to try them out for the first time and i was surely impressed, I slept like a baby, no midnight interruptions or anything! have just bought the bottle!

  • 5
    Deep Sleep Caps

    Posted by John Voich on Nov 23rd 2021

    These are by far the best supplements for a great night’s sleep, no wonder why they are one of the best sellers! Works wonders, helps to have a completely dark room and limit your screen viewing time (electronic devices) to none and hour before bedtime! Definitely love incorporating these into my daily supplement routine!

  • 5
    Great way to try the deep sleep caps

    Posted by Brandan Jones on Nov 11th 2021

    Before I committed to buy the bottle I got the 4 count to try them out, so far they are very worth it, they helped me sleep like never before, have since ordered the bottle. 5 stars

  • 5
    glad i tried them

    Posted by Lydia Hayes on Oct 18th 2021

    After trying them im glad i did, slept amazingly and have since ordered the bottle, love that they have this trial pack that comes with 4 to try them!

  • 5
    Great trial pack

    Posted by Allen Reese on Oct 6th 2021

    Bought this little pack before buying the big bottle and it is so worth it, great for travel aswell, has helped me sleep in hotel rooms when there are highway noises, love it!

  • 5
    Sleep capsules

    Posted by CJ on Jul 18th 2021

    I got the sample pack to try them. I took 1 capsule before I went to sleep. Wow slept really well - my body was totally relaxed in the morning and I woke up feeling recharged and like I got the real benefits of sleeping - usually I don’t sleep well, and wake up with stiff shoulders and neck, and not rested, it sucks - so really happy to have found this - thanks!

  • 5
    Great if you want to try them!

    Posted by Robson Rowland on Jun 11th 2021

    Wasn't sure about buying a whole bottle right away, so i got these to try them and they have been great, I have since bought the bottle, these are so worth it! Suggest you try them!

  • 5
    Travel Pack

    Posted by Melina Mccoy on Jun 5th 2021

    Good travel pack or tester of the cbd deep sleep caps, I get these once and a while for when im on the go, they work great with you can't sleep at hotels etc. has helped me get rest so many times, I love it!