CBD Infused "Bulletproof" Coffee

Jul 14th 2018

This is the drink I use to get my day started on an anti-inflammatory kick. This blended drink contains the caffeine and healthy fats I need to start my day.

The recipe is very simple. You will need: 

About 1 cup of black coffee 

1 tablespoon of Santa Cruz Medicinals 1000mg Infused Coconut Oil 

1 tablespoon of grass fed butter (optional) 

Stevia to sweeten (optional) 

What you do is you pour the hot coffee into a blender, add the coconut oil and other ingredients, and blend for 30-45 seconds. What you are left with is a creamy, frothy, latte that contains a strong dose of CBD and healthy fats! 1 tbsp of our coconut oil gives you a 125mg dose of CBD. We believe that low doses of CBD are not as anti-inflammatory as higher doses. We suggest trying higher doses and seeing the anti-inflammatory benefits for yourself. I love adding in cinnamon, collagen protein powder, and vanilla for a healthy kick!