"Can I use the Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, and MCT Oil as a topical?"

YES! Our CBD Infused Coconut Oil and Olive Oil make excellent topicals. Simply apply to the skin and let absorb. They are very safe to use on the skin. We use it at the Santa Cruz Medicinals offices to treat everyday aches and pains, and even as a skin moisturizer. We also enjoy using them for bug bites and eczema.

"How many milligrams of CBD do I need a day?"

We believe that micro-doses of CBD are less beneficial. If you click over to our link that says “CBD Benefits” you’ll find some links to studies on CBD. We think CBD is a very beneficial substance so we like to consume higher doses. Personally I take 100-200mg a day to manage my pain. This equals a large tablespoon of our Coconut Oil, a Tablespoon of our Olive Oil, or a dropper or two of our MCT Oil.

"How many milligrams are in the Coconut Oil and Olive Oil"

2000mg of CBD or 5000mg of CBD, or 10,000 or 20,000, depending on which strength you get.

"Where do you source your CBD from?"

We take pride in sourcing our CBD from Colorado. It is Lab Tested.

"Do you lab test your finished products?"

YES! We lab test through SC Labs. The premier cannabinoid testing lab in the country. Please email us for lab results!

2000mg MCT Oil: https://client.sclabs.com/sample/383594/
5000mg MCT: https://client.sclabs.com/sample/373184/
20,000mg MCT (same formula as 10,000 just double the size): https://client.sclabs.com/sample/414194/
Coconut Oil: https://client.sclabs.com/sample/429716/
Pain Cream: https://client.sclabs.com/sample/429717/
Deep Sleep Caps (Per Capsule): https://client.sclabs.com/sample/429718/
CBD infused Soap: https://client.sclabs.com/sample/429719/
Pain Salve (1/2 size, we doubled the qty in the current product, same formula): https://client.sclabs.com/sample/429720/
Adaptogenic Mushroom Caps: https://client.sclabs.com/sample/443469/

"Will I fail a drug test if I use Santa Cruz Medicinals' Products?"

Do not use our products if you get drug tested. CBD and CBN can cause false positives so you should not risk it. Please consult with your doctor before taking any new supplement and ask them about CBD and drug tests. Our products are always under the legal limit of THC but we cannot guarantee that you’ll pass a drug test so do not risk it. 

"Can I give these products to my pet?"

Coconut oil and Olive oil are considered safe in small amounts for dogs and smaller amounts for cats. People give their dogs and cats CBD. We combine the two so in my personal opinion, yes!

"Do you ship internationally?"

Currently we only ship in the USA. We do not ship to the following States: Idaho, South Dakota, West Virginia, Nebraska, Kansas, or Mississippi. Please do not place an order if you live in one of those States.

"Is your CBD Hemp or Cannabis Derived?"

Our CBD is Hemp Derived.

"How long does it take to arrive from the moment I order?"

4-7 Days. It’s usually pretty quick!

"My MCT Oil arrived a little pink in color is this normal?"

Yes! Coconut contains naturally occurring variations in levels of antioxidants, such as polyphenols, that can turn pink. This simply means your MCT is high in polyphenols and is very safe to use!

"My product arrived broken what do I do?"

Email us at santacruzmedicinals@gmail.com with a photo of your product and we will send you a replacement free product! Rarely do we ever have products break but it happens!