Why is there CBD in my clay mask?

Sep 16th 2018

Clay Masks have grown in popularity due to their natural healing properties. Absent of any harsh chemicals or toxins, clay masks are a great way to exfoliate, reduce inflammation, redness, acne, and create a better glow.

We put a lot of thought into our CBD Infused Clay Mask. The goal of skincare is usually to reduce inflammation and smooth out the skin. CBD has been used extensively to reduce inflammation. We simply mixed CBD with French Green Clay (a soft clay that is very easy on the skin) and lavender. Lavender provides even more anti-inflammatory properties while giving you some aromatherapy during your mask.

To make your clay mask simply follow these easy steps.

-Get a bowl and put about a tablespoon of the Santa Cruz Medicinals CBD infused Clay Mask

-Add a tiny bit of warm water and stir with a spoon or fork until you get a creamy paste

-Add any essential oils of your choice and apply! Wait 4-8 minutes until it dries a little bit and then rinse off!