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This 10,000mg CBD infused MCT Oil is the perfect way to get CBD into your system. We lab test our products for potency. This is a very potent formula for those who want a high dose of CBD. Add it to your coffee in the morning, your shakes, cook with it, or rub it on your body! Feel what a real potent CBD product is like! We source our CBD from Colorado and will never source from China. Blend it into your coffee, rub it on your sore muscles, add it to a protein shake, cook with it, or even make your own recipe!

No weird taste. Looks and smells exactly like any MCT Oil. The bottle size is 4oz. The dropper is scored for easy measurements. 1 dropper is 1ml. 1ml of the 10,000mg MCT Oil gives you about 85mg of CBD. 10,000mg total per bottle. Amazing for achieving high doses of CBD which are often used in the studies that show benefits. This can be an amazing product to put into your morning coffee, right under your tongue in times of pain or stress, or to cook with. It can also be used topically. Get your daily dose and feel the difference!

Our CBD infused MCT Oil is Paleo, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Bulletproof, Ketogenic, and Lab Tested.

INGREDIENTS: MCT Oil, Hemp Derived CBD.   Common Question: Why is my MCT Oil a little pink?  The answer is simple. Coconut contains varying levels of antioxidants or polyphenol levels that can turn both Coconut Water, MCT Oil, Coconut Oil, or other Coconut derived products a little pink. It means your bottle has a high antioxidant content and is completely safe to use! Enjoy :)  

Currently we do not ship to the following States: Idaho, South Dakota, West Virginia, Nebraska, Kansas, Mississippi. 

18 Reviews

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    Always been a fan of cbd products. This infused mct oil is really good potent blend. Works great alone or I like to mix it in with coffee in the morning

    Posted by Purple gecko on May 18th 2022

    Ps my name isn’t actually purple gecko

  • 5
    Best CBD

    Posted by MJ on Nov 29th 2021

    Definitely the highest potency I’ve ever found! Won’t live without it.

  • 5

    Posted by Anne on Jul 21st 2021

    I absolutely love this stuff. It calms my brain from stress and my wandering mind before bed. I would recommend us to anybody!!

  • 5
    Best oil

    Posted by Keane Robbins on May 25th 2021

    Definitely very potent! It has helped with my pain relief after a work out and with exhaustion. Been the best mct oil i have tired, also very fast shipping!

  • 5
    Great as a topical aswell

    Posted by Callen Samuels on Apr 28th 2021

    This MCT oil is so versatile, I had been using it for when I got anxious and recently tried it as a topical and it has been a great experience, I had only gone under the tongue but it has been just as effective as a topical!

  • 5
    Found myself constantly...

    Posted by Aarron Holman on Nov 15th 2020

    Found myself constantly reordering 2000mg variant, not realizing they had this 10,000mg one. The deal is just great, I currently use it in my coffee and for when my wife gives me massages when my back hurts. It is an overall great product and its versatility is great, would recommend it.

  • 5
    Due to the current pandemic...

    Posted by Quintin Askew on Aug 3rd 2020

    Due to the current pandemic, I've been constantly stressing out and feeling anxious. I've tried meditation, working out and eating right, but it didn't help much. I was worried about long term effects for non-treatment so decided to use this product. I add it to my morning breakfast and coffee, within a few days, I noticed a big change in a good way. I felt more calm and energetic and motivated to do things. I didn't feel nervous and now able to stay more focused. I would highly recommend anyone feeling stressed and need something to calm you down.

  • 5
    Awesome product!

    Posted by Maci Ochs on Jul 10th 2020

    This was absolutely the perfect gift for my husband . Almost every day after work, he would ask me for neck massages and constantly complain how his body hurt. Who knew that CBD MCT Oil would be the main component of easing his pain. My husband often goes on and on about how good his body feels after he uses it. The best part is, the oil makes it so easy for him to get CBD into his day. All he has to do is pour a little bit into any of his favorite beverages and drink away.

  • 5
    I would go through various...

    Posted by Dylan Sides on Jul 10th 2020

    There were many days when my tired body used to get the best of me. I would go through various supermarket shelves trying to find anything that would help. Luckily, my friend’s mom recommended this MCT Oil and the results have been plentiful. It has helped reduce the symptoms of my constant tiredness and has left me feeling stronger throughout the day. It also super easy to add into any meal or drink.