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This 5000mg CBD infused MCT Oil is the perfect way to get CBD into your system. We lab test our products for potency. It is our belief that in order to obtain the therapeutic anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD the dose needs to be high. This is a very potent formula for those who want a high dose of CBD. Add it to your coffee in the morning, your shakes, cook with it, or rub it on your body! Feel the benefits of a real potent CBD product. We source our CBD from Colorado and will never source from China. Blend it into your coffee, rub it on your sore muscles, add it to a protein shake, cook with it, or even make your own recipe! Enjoy the benefits of a simple, potent, versatile CBD infused MCT Oil.

No weird taste. Looks and smells exactly like any MCT Oil. The bottle size is 4oz. The dropper is scored for easy measurements. 1 dropper is 1ml. 1ml of the MCT Oil gives you 42mg of CBD. 5000mg total per bottle. Amazing for achieving high doses of CBD which are often used in the studies that show benefits. This can be an amazing product to put into your morning coffee, right under your tongue in times of pain or stress, or to cook with. It can also be used topically.  

INGREDIENTS: MCT Oil, Hemp Derived CBD.  

Common Question: Why is my MCT Oil a little pink?  The answer is simple. Coconut contains varying levels of antioxidants or polyphenol levels that can turn both Coconut Water, MCT Oil, Coconut Oil, or other Coconut derived products a little pink. It means your bottle has a high antioxidant content and is completely safe to use! Enjoy :)

Our CBD infused MCT Oil is Paleo, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Bulletproof, Ketogenic, and Lab Tested.

Currently we do not ship to the following States: Idaho, South Dakota, West Virginia, Nebraska, Kansas, Mississippi.   

24 Reviews

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    CBD infused MCT oil 5,000 mg

    Posted by Charles on Mar 23rd 2023

    I have used this product for over two years in my morning coffee. It works great to giving me relief from sciatica and other spinal pain.

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    Product & Service

    Posted by Charles Masters on Jul 25th 2022

    Product is great but I didn’t receive my last order in over 15 days and cannot get a response from SCM representatives when I try to contact them

  • 5
    Some great anti-inflammatory benefits

    Posted by Todd Swan on Dec 28th 2021

    Great pre and after workout, helps my muscles recover nicely been using it for a while and have no complaints, highly recommend it.

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    Use it with my Mudwtr

    Posted by Jacob Bergstrom on Dec 8th 2021

    Absolutely love this I froth it every day with my coffee alternative for a some calories to make sure the adaptogens get where they need to go and the CBD from Santa Cruz Medicinals is unmatched. Thank you

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    Love this product and this company!!!

    Posted by Kelly Kuhlmann on Oct 5th 2021

    I have ordered quite a few times from Santa Cruz over the past year. I had my first problem and I had to come on here and tell you how great this company handled it. I sent a message after receiving my product that was damaged, and got a quick response that they would be shipping a new bottle out to me. I received the new product quickly and not only that...they had included a 1500 mg bottle of tincture as a sorry! Now that is great customer service! You definitely have a customer for life!

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    Best MCT Oil

    Posted by Danni Stewart on Apr 27th 2021

    This has to be the best MCT Oil I have tried, the cbd dosage is perfect, I have used this in my shakes everyday for my inflammation and all its other benefits and I have been very satisfied!

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    Truly amazing!

    Posted by J on Jul 10th 2020

    Truly amazing! I have an autoimmune disease which gives me so much anxiety but with 20mg every 4-6 hours brings me back to calmness and assures me everything will be okay! I honestly feel like a new person these past weeks, Highly recommend this product to start out. I’m definitely going to buy the 20,000!

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    This was absolutely the perfect gift...

    Posted by Grace Thompson on Jul 10th 2020

    This was absolutely the perfect gift for my husband . Almost every day after work, he would ask me for neck massages and constantly complain how his body hurt. Who knew that CBD MCT Oil would be the main component of easing his pain. My husband often goes on and on about how good his body feels after he uses it. The best part is, the oil makes it so easy for him to get CBD into his day. All he has to do is pour a little bit into any of his favorite beverages and drink away.

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    This is a great addition to your skincare...

    Posted by Leslie Shank on Jul 10th 2020

    This is a great addition to your skincare routine. Usually in the mornings I am fairly ashy, but with a quick rub of this MCT Oil, my skin feels rejuvenated and refreshed.