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CBD Infused Paleo Salad Dressing

Aug 12th 2018

Everyone has heard it....EAT MORE GREENS. It is something we all know we need to do but sometimes greens just are not...fun!This Anti-Inflammatory CBD Infused Salad Dressing ads a whole new layer of … read more

CBD Infused Paleo Hot-Chocolate

Aug 12th 2018

Imagine drinking a hot-chocolate that is not only delicious but has healthy fats and gives you the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD!This simple CBD Infused Hot-Chocolate is great to serve any time of … read more

Pre or Post Workout CBD Infused Shake

Jul 14th 2018

This is my go to pre or post-workout shake. If I am doing a fun activity like surfing, biking, yoga, or jiu-jitsu I enjoy kickstarting my anti-inflammatory process before . For my more weight lifting … read more