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Healthy CBD Infused Avocado Fudge

Jul 14th 2018

This Avocado Fudge is amazing. A chocolatey, creamy, smooth way to medicate. Dark chocolate chips - 1 cup Santa Cruz Medicinals Infused Coconut Oil -2 oz (500mg CBD) Coconut milk - 1/4 cup C … read more

CBD Infused "Bulletproof" Coffee

Jul 14th 2018

This is the drink I use to get my day started on an anti-inflammatory kick. This blended drink contains the caffeine and healthy fats I need to start my day.The recipe is very simple. You will need:& … read more

Simple CBD Infused Pizza Recipe

Jul 14th 2018

Simple CBD Infused Pizza RecipeI was raised on pizza. Hailing from Northern California, I would have a hard time remembering a pizza-less birthday party from my childhood. As an adult, I fondly recal … read more